Photograph by Pedro Wazzan

My work reflects on the visibility of an underlying energetic matrix present in every distinct element of nature. By photographing shadows of trees and working with high contrast digital processes, the basic structure visible in patterns of bodies of water, the surface of extensions of sand, rock formations, the wings of dragonflies and even human skin surfaced.

 In an ongoing exploration I focus on the traces left by the energetic interaction between elements of nature over time, which create intriguing drawings or codes that are transcribed to perforated materials. Through oils and pigments, I produce works that explore the process of sensation, accumulation and expression of energy in space.

 I have developed a significant aspect of my work through site specific and three-dimensional large-scale pieces. By layering perforated and reflective metal, an inclusive space where the spectator is immersed into the installation is created.

Toña Vegas, (Caracas, Venezuela) is a multidisciplinary artist working with mixed media, printmaking, digital processes and site-specific three- dimensional works. Her work reflects on the visibility of an energetic underlying matrix present in every apparently distinct element of nature us humans included.

 She was raised in Caracas, Venezuela where she received a BA in Psychology, studied graphic arts at the Center for Graphic Arts (CEGRA) and mentored with artists Mercedes Pardo and Alejandro Otero. She was part of a multidisciplinary team for the creation of the Center of Cultural Action in a violent slum in Caracas (2015-2017), was a member of the Board of Directors of Museo Alejandro Otero (2001) as well as a founding member of an art, education and culture NGO, Guaraira-Repano Asociados (1996).  

 Among her solo shows are “Energy Matters” at Imago Art in Action -Miami (2019), “Inventory/takes” The Clemente Center -New York (2017), “Universe of Silence” Gsiete Galería –Caracas (2012), “Formas del tiempo” Okyo Gallery –Caracas (2008), “Polarity and Inner space” ADD Gallery-Hudson, NY (2006), “Water” Galería 39–Caracas (2004), “Threads and foundation” Galería Alternativa -Caracas (2000), “Watercolors” Galería Sanarte -Caracas (1987) and “Collages y dibujos” Galería Siete Siete (1987) -Caracas.

 Her work has been exhibited at international art fairs, museums and galleries such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas, Carlos Cruz Diez Museum in Caracas, Contemporary Museum of Maracay in Venezuela, International Biennal of Contemporary Art at the University of Los Andes in Mérida, Venezuela, Contemporary Latin American Art, Pocket Book Factory in Hudson, NY, Strassbourg Art Fair in France, Pan American Art Projects in Miami, Concrete Space in Miami, Sala TAC, Galería 39 and Galería G in Caracas, Fia Caracas, Espace Meyer-Zafra in Paris, France.

 Her site-specific installations can be seen at buildings, institutions and private residencies throughout the city of Caracas.

 Since 2017 she moved to Miami where she a resident artist at Bakehouse Art Complex.